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Gold Forints from the middle ages

Permanent numizmatical exhibition

We are offering a bit of history from the ages when the Hungarian Kingdom's gold specie's was Europe's most valuable money. Did you know, that our king Károly Róbert first introduced the hungarian gold forint in 1325? You can see it in our hotel, and maybe can touch it. Did you know that Hungarian Kingdom gave the 2/3 of Europes gold mining? Nagybörzsöny was one of the places where gold and silver was developped till 1956. The ore was transferred to Körmöc- and Selmecbánya to the mints. But the nearby fort's lord of Salgó, Miklós Salgai would not bring it too far: he counterfeited the forint until it came out. The king ruined his fort, it is has been like this, but the view is spectacular from there.

Our peranent exhibition offers the gold forints of our kings: Mátyás, Zsigmond, Nagy Lajos, Mária, Hunyadi János, II. Lajos. The denars and obuluses of the dinasty of Árpád, celtic and roman pennies, habsburg gold forints can be seen on the temporary exhibitions. We would like to introduce the magnitude of Nagybörzsöny on those foreign maps, on which Nagybörzsöny, - today is a small place - is shown. Paintings that represents Nagybörzsöny and were made during th painting camps are also part of the exhibition. Photos and lots of additional objects are also exhibited.

On the exhibition you can try how coins are made: hit with the hammer and make your own coin or print the hot wax with a seal, just like Erzsébet Szilágyi did it: „....wrote her letter and saturated with her tears.. „

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