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How to get there


The fastest way to get to Börzsöny mountain from Budapest is to take M2 high speed road ( other name is 2/A ) that roots starts from M0 freeway. This road bypasses Dunakeszi, Göd and Vác that shortens travel time. Other option is road #2 that crosses the cities mentioned above.

After Vác, take road #12 that goes on the side of Danube until Szob. At the end of road #12 take a right to join the road via Ipolydamásd, Letkés, Ipolytölgyes until the intersection to Nagybörzsöny.


  • nagymarosi rév: 06-26-398 344
  • szobi rév: 06-27-370 042
  • váci rév:06-26-386 560

Train, bus

Trains leave from Budapest Western Railway Station, via Vác- Szob- Párkány. Please find further information and the timetable for the bus and for the train.

Narrow gauge train

There are four railway likes of narrow gauge train in Börzsöny that is very popular among tourists.
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